Found 16th Feb 2007
Hi people,

I am just about to buy a mobile through I can get the £100 cashback when I open a contract on 3G, the 18 months on the direct talk 1000?

Will Quidco definitly give me the £100 cashback just that its on offer on the 3 at the moment so does this still qualify for the £100 cashback?

Please let me know I want to order today.

Many Thanks..

Hopefully I ll hear from duckmagic :thumbsup:

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doesnt look like duckys online right now but im sure someone will help

i dont have much mobile knowledge sorry

3 Mobile

Tracking Speed:
Fast (0 - 4 days, 0 day average)

Tracking Reliability:
High (98% tracked, 2% enquiries of which 0% successful so far)

Payment Speed:
Medium (2 month avg)

That's decent imo, 98% chance basically.

I recommend using a cookie free browser, I use mozilla which I delete all cookies from when ordering anything from quidco which is nice as it means I do not have to worry about deleting cookies from my main browser which has info I want to keep

The fact that phone is on offer will have no effect on your claim to quidco:thumbsup:

yes it should definately still qualify as stated above just check you clear cookies etc before i have done a few big amounts and fingers crossed have never lost one yet only a couple of small amounts

Original Poster

Sorry this cookie business is confusing me lol...the only ones I like are choc chip...erm ok..not funny...

so whats all this about?

Thanks for ur advice btw

download ccleaner it is free and removes all your cookies , so that when you go through quidco, it cannot conflict with any other information in your cookies when youve been on the three website previously.

basically it helps track your transaction

Original Poster

nice one mate:thumbsup:

rep given to all

Just a quick heads up,

I ordered a contract from the three website on the 27th of december,

the payment has been validated and im expecting a payment in February.

Has anyone actually received their cashback from three through quidco ?
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