Quido Newbie!

    Hi All!!

    Just decided to join Quidco :thumbsup:

    I was expecting to enter my card details? How do we pay the £5 Admin fee?

    ****Also please let me know of the free cashback people have got!!****



    I have just received an email from them telling me they will be taking my £5 now that I have enough money in my Quidco account. Good really, they don't take it if you haven't earned the money!

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    Wow thats great that you dont need to enter your bank details!

    well you will need to enter your bank details to get paid, or your paypal details.

    Yeah, you don't pay it if you don't earn it :-D Pretty good system!


    ****Also please let me know of the free cashback people have … ****Also please let me know of the free cashback people have got!!****Thanks!!

    free cash back? as in you havent spent anything and earned cash back? there are a couple links for that on quidco, you earn 8p or something and can only do it once per day or something.

    the most generous cash backs are on insurance, mobile telephone contracts and gambling places.

    if your buildings or contents insurance is up for renewal then going through quidco may basically get you free insurance for the year.

    do them independantly and you could get both home AND contents insurance for free.

    i think most of the people who get huge amounts through quidco are purchasers for small or medium sized companies and order through quidco, the cash back going into their personal accounts.

    the money will start to mount up eventually by clicking on the free things but dont expect to make a fortune though free clicking, casino offers and mobile phone contracts.

    you make more for the more you spend.

    every extra saving is always welcome though.:thumbsup:

    Yup, QuidCo fee isn't a subscription, it's a deduction.

    You can never lose out that way...

    there is a thread somewhere where there are postings of the 'free' cashbacks found, i'll see if i can find it

    Thats what attracted me to quidco - if you dont make £5 you dont give them anything (plus, they dont double next year to make up for it)

    I have now earned enough to pay my £5, but didnt get an email????

    I had £18 in mine Kelly before they took anything away

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    Thanks guys very helpful!
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