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Posted 6th Jul 2020
I need a decent setup for research and some gaming. For research I need a dual screen output external to handle Endnote. Processing over 1k records. For gaming I would like WoW raid at 60fps. Perfectly happy assembling but not highly familiar with consumer sector. Need setup in lounge so under 30db max and upgrade desirable. Budget needs to include screen and some table or mount. I can stretch from £1k to £1.5k but want value. Am student atm also. Thanks in advance
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Quiet PC is probably a good starting point for you. The clue being in the name.


I’d recommend Noctua fans for their dB level v performance.

Not sure about CPU’s and other components as I’m a little out of touch with the current gen, but I’d recommend staying away from OEM coolers and GPU’s, as they’re normally sources of a lot of noise within a PC.
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Noctua are focused on the high end, getting the last little bit of performance, and are often terrible value for money. Something a third of the price will offer 90-95% of the performance.

The trade-off is between power and size. The smaller you the smaller the heat output you can cool quietly and more powerful parts put out more heat.

Also, closer your are to the limit the more expensive it gets.

If you've got the space and tolerance for a big old fashioned tower then a few large diameter fans and a cheap tower cooler wlll handle most mid-range hardware.

I'm not familiar with Endnote or the demands of the latest WoW expansion pack but it doesn't sound like you're after anything particularly powerful. Graphics card is likely to be the limiting factor as they are unfortunately rather power hungry at the moment which means lots of heat and noise so I'd focus on that first. A mainstream model like the 5500XT is probably the sort of thing you're after, assuming you're not planning to game at high resolutions. I believe the Sapphire 5500XT has a decent cooler.
Thanks for the answers so far. I also quite liked The Witcher but never had setup to play it. Size of tower is no issue though sadly might have to fit WiFi card atm. If anyone feels happy putting together a partpicker list etc that would be great
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