Quilts and Pillows

    I want to buy a decent quilt and a pair of pillows but unsure which are the best. Do I go for hollow fibre, goose, feather etc??? I have no idea.

    Which is more cosy?

    Any recommendations welcome.

    Thanks in advance


    goose down the best, although it is very light, so some folk (me at first included) find it a bit strange to get used too.

    Try this site just to have a look ... there are probably many other good sites too…tml

    Natural quilts, whether goose, feather or down all mould to the body better so less chance of having cold spots. Hollowfibre quilts all tend to just sit on top and can leave gaps around the body so you have cold spots. I always go for a natural quilt and there are various ones to choose from with a wide price range. Depending on your budget have a look at the supermarkets, Argos, Dunelm, John Lewis.

    It's got to be a prsonal choice, but I'd always go with feather duvet and pillows, cosier!…ows

    I have just replace the pillows in my home and went for side pillows
    i was amazed at the fullness and softness of the pillows were only £5.99 each unwrap leave to to air for as long as possibe before you place them inside your cases great price lots of choice as it depend on how you sleep

    Original Poster

    Awww, Thanks for all of your replies, Thanks everyone.

    try Ikea,they have a good variety and a grading system which is easy to follow for the first time buyers.
    good luck:)
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