My Daughter in law wants this buggy for their soon to be born baby, which I will be buying. Any feedback by people who have it.
    Cheapest place also to buy it from.


    i would definately try ebay..ive just bought a brand new luna and accessories on there..i know your not asking for advice and thats clearly what your daughter in law wants but it doesnt have a basket/storage underneath and i think its essential!!..but thats my opinion...hope you find one!!

    It's great, only problem is the size. Not good if your daughter in law wants to use the train or bus regularly, other than that i would recommend it. We used the carrycot attachment instead of the car seat as we bought the britax car seat which lasts from birth to 4 years. My daughter has now outgrown the carrycot and she is 4 months although she seems more comfortable in the first size seat.

    Cheapest place would probably be ebay but you could also buy it quite reasonably priced from, mine is from boots.…001

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    Many Thanks for taking the time to reply both, I am taking it all in. As it is so expensive, I would not want it to be a five minute wonder.
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