Quit smoking pipes ?

I stopped smoking 16 years ago,but the other half still smokes & she sort of wants to stop (yes I know,sort of wants to stop)

I want to buy her one of those pipes that you see people using a lot these days & whatever else I need.

Can someone point me in the right direction of a site that I can buy one of these pipes & the flavour thing that comes with it.

I notice some sites they cost a small fortune & on other sites they look so much cheaper & not sure why.


gearbest.com/ele…=21 the e-cigs in the link are reliable. and you can get the fluid from the pound shop now. think they even sell basic e cigs but they aren't very good

gearbest.com/ele…=21 these are good and you can get the fluid from pound land

I get all mine from vapemate.co.uk

if you buy cheap gear she might not stick to it. go to a vape shop she can try out flavours for free and pick a 'pipe' she is comfortable with.

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Thanks guys.

Get a starter kit like this, Innokin itaste kit is a good starting point made by a good brand which lets you play around with the setting to get the right vape:

Buy ejuice for £1 from here any flavour:

I use vapeclub.co.uk. Decent prices and free 1st class delivery on 20 pound and over orders.

I think it would be wise to check with your doctor as I believe NHS can recommend certain brands. I don't know anything about this condition but a student researched these pipes and said "pop corn lung " is associated with certain (or all) brands.

Popcorn lung is a scare story, theres 100 times more diacetyl in a real cigarette than the equivalent of an e cig

As for where to buy dnavapes offer good prices as do srvape and boldvape, just put the names into google to get the various web pages , some vape shops on the high st can cost a bit more but if you get the right shop you can usually get a better idea of what is going to be right for you, then get all your subsequent purchases off the net
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