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Posted 1st May 2008
Hey folks, just looking for a bit of advice here. I've been at my current part-time job for 6 months now, I'm a boring checkout operator at Tesco. This was a big mistake having had 2 really good part-time jobs before this (I'm also at uni). Took on Tesco because of the time+1/2 sunday's/bank holidays but it's not worth it when I can barely tolerate sitting at a till for any more than 3 hours - I actually feel like I lose intelligence every time I come out of there lol.

So basically I've been offered 2 new jobs, one that wants me to start next week, but I have noone to ask about the procedure for leaving (as it's a bank holiday monday forthcoming, I'm not required to work then, so that's one less shift for me :)) Basically does anyone know how much notice you have to give to leave your job there? I know it's probably 2 weeks but I'm not too bothered about just leaving straight away as I'm by no means relying on a reference from them.

Thanks for the advice.
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  1. LaoTzu's avatar
    Have you not got a contract, it should say in there.....
  2. REDRANGER86's avatar
    its normally how ever you are paid if your paid monthly its a months notice or weekly its a week notice
  3. deleted14791's avatar
    if you're not bothered why do you ask?
  4. phoenix_af's avatar

    if you're not bothered why do you ask?

    Sorry, I worded that incorrectly, I actually meant if it's normal to leave straight away I'm not bothered about losing out on next weeks pay for example.

    We're paid monthly, and I have no idea where my contract is as it was just a piece of paper I shoved in my pocket.

    Basically I don't want to have to be left with 2 jobs with exams coming up, but one of the jobs I've been offered seems perfect and I don't want to have to knock it back.

  5. deleted14791's avatar
    i think if you speak to your line manager and sugest t ohim that because of the exams that you have t give up one of the jobs they should be very considerate and uderstanding
    i offer my staff time off work because of their exams
    at the end of the day tescos isn't your future you further education and career is
    give them a week or so
  6. bykergrove's avatar
    you need to give notice.. usually two weeks

    you say your at uni... your graduate employers will check ur past jobs so its not good to leave on bad terms. let both companies know the situation and do your notice time.
  7. deleted71428's avatar
    If the offer is in place for the job you prefer, then I'd go to your supervisor at Tesco and just be honest. If you hate the job then it's probably best for everyone that you say your goodbyes in an upfront way. I'm sure they have this situation quite often. There are a couple of members on here who have quit theior TESCO jobs recently, hopefully they can help with the contract details. Maybe if you put TESCO in your title you'll attract them on to the thread..? Good luck with the new job - sounds like it will be a positive change (and good luck with the studies too!) :thumbsup:
  8. phoenix_af's avatar
    Thanks for the advice. I'll speak to them on my next shift then. I actually found my contract, but at the notice section it simply says details are contained in the "Appendum to this statement" but I definitely only received my contract with nothing else.

    The thing is I'd already applied for my holidays and been granted them for the summer, but I really don't enjoy the work there so I'm willing to give that up (even though i've been advised by others not to). Also given that I'm off from uni now bar exams, I'd be looking to do what I did last summer and work almost full-time, I simply couldn't do that in Tesco, be it for personal reasons or simply the fact that shifts aren't always available.

    Thanks again
  9. LaoTzu's avatar
    Hope it all gets sorted out, remember you have to do what's best for you, good luck
  10. phoenix_af's avatar
    Thanks everyone, I've put it in the subject line just to see if any of the people who've left recently can let me know how much notice they had to give, but I realise some places could possibly be different from others (england/scotland etc).
  11. birdyboyuk's avatar
    Use up any sick pay & holiday if you have any left! :thumbsup:
  12. phoenix_af's avatar

    Use up any sick pay & holiday if you have any left! :thumbsup:

    Lol, problem is in Tesco you have to give a lot of advance notice for hols, so mine are down for 17th June for 2 weeks and 26th Aug for 2 weeks
  13. deleted14791's avatar

    Use up any sick pay & holiday if you have any left! :thumbsup:

    holiday pay not taken should be added to youe final wage slip anyway
  14. deleted53554's avatar

    holiday pay not taken should be added to youe final wage slip anyway

    Never happened for me when I was at the co-op :x
  15. deleted14791's avatar
    well you're entitled to it dependant on how many holiday days are earnt
  16. deleted53554's avatar

    well you're entitled to it dependant on how many holiday days are earnt

    Atleast I know now for the next job I get :thumbsup:
  17. muffin247's avatar
    i worked at tescos and just said im leaving
    no notice or anything, then again they musta thought i was a lazy sod so glad i was leaving LOL
  18. jizzm's avatar
    Where are you from?
    CAni have your tesco job ?
  19. ruthamy0's avatar
    Are you looking for a Partime Job?


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