Posted 1st May 2008
Hey folks, just looking for a bit of advice here. I've been at my current part-time job for 6 months now, I'm a boring checkout operator at Tesco. This was a big mistake having had 2 really good part-time jobs before this (I'm also at uni). Took on Tesco because of the time+1/2 sunday's/bank holidays but it's not worth it when I can barely tolerate sitting at a till for any more than 3 hours - I actually feel like I lose intelligence every time I come out of there lol.

So basically I've been offered 2 new jobs, one that wants me to start next week, but I have noone to ask about the procedure for leaving (as it's a bank holiday monday forthcoming, I'm not required to work then, so that's one less shift for me :)) Basically does anyone know how much notice you have to give to leave your job there? I know it's probably 2 weeks but I'm not too bothered about just leaving straight away as I'm by no means relying on a reference from them.

Thanks for the advice.
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