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    Kind of all in the title really, I've been trying to quit for a while now but keep going back to it, I've tried patches and those plastic things that you stick nicotine capsules into but after a month still found myself going back - stupidly when I ran out of patches I found it easier to buy a pack of 20 instead of trying to get back into my docs again

    When I did speak to the NHS they said there were drugs I could take but I wanted to try patches 1st because I thought I'd be able to do it but after failing again I think I'm gonna try the more drastic approach.

    Anyone got any experiance of any of these drugs?

    the two I've just read about on the NHS site are Bupropion & Varenicline but both of these say you can't do skilled work or drive while taking them?!? Thats them out of the window then unless work will give me 12 weeks off to quit!

    Are there others without such drastic side effects?



    i hated the gum, and i was allergic to the patched in the end i gave up coz i couldnt stand the taste of it anymore think it was over 3 months ago i stopped smoking now and i dont miss it one bit, you have to want to quit and be ready to quit x

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    D - lol - really don't know what to say to that!

    ilovepink - I want to quit but I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to quit - I do enjoy it unfortunately - I was hoping the drugs would trick my mind or body into thinking other wise!


    It works.

    I think quitting smoking is a bit like dieting. All those aids out there will help - but its got to be you who makes it all happen

    Very hard but worth it in the end am sure!

    Good luck!

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    iliveforfreee - thanks - sounds like one to look into - not sure about the seizure's and deaths but as least I won't fall asleep at the wheel like the other two I read about!

    zyban info -


    bossyboots - thanks I'll get there in the end!

    Apparently this is really good, its getting increasingly popular. Take a look:


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    Mum2 - yeah thats the plastic thing I was talking about - it was pretty good but sadly I lost it before I'd even ran out of patches! My GF lost hers too - I think I'll get a few of them next time to keep in certain locations!

    hdizzle - thanks but don't fancy that much - read a lot about them when they became popular & nobody really seems to know whats in them & they are not regulated at all!

    I didn't get on with Zyban it gave me insomnia and the shakes. I gave up using patches and the inhalator but each to their own.I did the support jobs as well through the NHS and thought they were good. Best of luck to you.


    iliveforfreee - thanks - sounds like one to look into - not sure about … iliveforfreee - thanks - sounds like one to look into - not sure about the seizure's and deaths but as least I won't fall asleep at the wheel like the other two I read about!zyban info -] - thanks I'll get there in the end!

    I did consider the problems and then realised how few there were.

    You should see my flat screen TVs and hear about our recent holidays or our new car.

    Remember, you always have money to smoke.

    Your be surprised at the taste of food and the excess money you will have.

    Zyban works.

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    what do you mean by support jobs through the NHS? I'm gonna call the docs tomorrow and see when they can fit me in - hopefully I can start (or stop) next week sometime.

    Thanks - I think I'm gonna give zyban a go next week - it is amazing how no matter how skint I think I am I always seem to have £6 spare for a box of 20! I did quit for 3 months about a year ago and actually had a load of money left in my account at the end of the month so I know what you mean there!

    I stopped smoking on the varenicline and went through the doctor to do this, at no time was I advised to stop driving or that it would impact on me fulfilling my job requirements, it did make me feel a bit sick on ocasions, I would eat before taking medication as this helped, but it really worked for me, I have stopped smoking for a year and I was a heavy smoker and never thought I could give up, I certainly wouldnt rule out taking medication but check it out with your doctor, good luck with whatever you try:thumbsup:

    Sorry I meant support groups. Go see you GP and I'm sure they will refer you, then in the groups they go though all the methods of giving up and see what's best for you
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