Found 17th Mar 2008
Choose A B or C

1 Do you know how old was George Michael supposed to have been when he wrote "Careless Whisper"?

2 Who were Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey?
Go West

3 Who was Paula Yate`s famous Father?
Hugh Green
Jess Yates
Richard Burton

4 Who had a hit in 1982 with "John Wayne is Big Leggy"?
Belouis Some
Culture Club
Hayzi Fantayzee

5 What does ZTT Stand for?
Zany Times Two
Zang Tuum Tumb
Zoo Too True

6 Who`s 1st top ten single was "Wishful Thinking"
Prefab Sprout
Samantha Fox
China Crisis

7 What is sade`s Surname

8 What Height is Simon le Bon
5` 10"
6` 2"
5` 6"

9 What do the following have in common - Nick Rhodes, David Sylvian, Linda McCartney
Amateur Photography
Amateur Dramatics
Amateur Golf

10 Who is William Broad
Billy Idol
Billy Mackenzie
Billy Jo Spears

11 Who sang the backing vocals on U2`s " Pride"
Tracy Chapman
Kate Bush
Chrissie Hynde

12 Who Sang These Lyrics - "Eating up the Scum is the hardest thing"
All About Eve
Jesus and Mary Chain

13 What was A-ha`s Pal Waaktarr nickname at school?
Punky Pal

14 Which of the following did Kate Bush NOT appear on?
Simply Red`s " Men and Women"
Big Country`s " The Sheer"
Peter Gabriels " So"

15 How many members are there in UB40

16 Which group was Neil Arthur the lead singer for?
China Crisis
Icicle Works

17 Gary Kemp once said "He`s a completely talentless person" Who was he talking about
Simon Le Bon
Holly Johnson
Marc Almond

18 What was the name of the group Jim Kerr was in before Simply Minds?
Johnny and the Self Abusers
The Regents
The Electric Force

19 Which of the following did not happen in Peter Gabriels "Sledgehammer" Video
His hands turned into large hammers
He was covered in fruit salad
Custard Creams spelt out his name

20 Who sang these lyrics- Taste Forbidden Pleasures, Whatever You Want.
Soft Cell
Pet Shop Boys
Culture Club


Lets see now, erm..
1=18, 2= OMD, 3=Hugh Green, 4= Hayzee fantayee? 5=zany timestwo, 6=china crisis, 7=Adu, 8=6'2", 9=Amateur photography, 10= Billy idol, 11= Tracey chapman, 12= PIL, 13=popeye, 14= simply red, 15=10, 16= blancemange, 17=simon le bon, 18=johnny and the self abusers, 19=custard creams, 20=soft cell.
How did I do then, people are always telling me I'm full of useless information ... i suppose thats a polite way of putting it...

1. 16
3. Hugh Green
4.Hayzi Fantayzee
5. Zany Times Too
6. China Crisis
7. Smith?
8. 6'2'' (Andy Taylor was short, John Taylor always looked tall, Simon Le Bon used to suck his cheeks in to look slimmer)
9. Am. Photo's
10. Billy Idol
11. Tracy Chapman?
12. Public Image Limited
14. Simply Red
15. 10
16. Blancmange
17. Simon Le Bon
18. Johny & The Self Abusers
19. Custard Creams ( I can see that whole video in my head)
20. Soft Cell

I bet I only got about 13 right.

born in jan 90 - so don't have a clue :? now a current quiz...maybe!

Right here go's......all answers I either know or am taking a guess.....

1) 16
2) Go West
3) Jess Yates (although seem to recall at a later date it emeged it was Hughie Green?)
4) Hayzi Fantayzee
5) Zoo Too True
6) China Crisis
7) Jones
5' 6"
9) Amateur Photography
10) Billy Idol
11) Chrissie Hynde
12) All About EVe
13) Popeye
14) Simply Red's Men and Women
15) 6
16) Icicle Works
17) Holly Johnson
18) The Electric Force
19) Custard Creams spelt out his name
20) Pet Shop Boys

Lots of guessing going on!

So who's got the answers then?
C'mon do tell, don't keep me guessing all night!


I love the 80s~ The songs, films, sneakers, cars etc.....
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