Found 20th Jun 2009
Hi Folks,
I was wondering if anybody has seen Quiz Call on the TV.
Do people actually watch this for the entertainment value.
If you havn't seen it yet, I challenge you to watch for more than 5 mins without turning over / off in disgust.

Your views please.

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[COLOR="Red"]Epic thread.[/COLOR]

switch to mtv dance then and some great tunes


"Is it Ghostbusters 2 ?"

"ill give you a clue it begins with B and you live there..."

"Is it London?"

Epic fail of a quiz show lol - although thats where Alex Kramer got famous from, although shes still not doing that much she is doing better than quiz call lol... I have to much spare time on my hands in case you were wondering :P

Original Poster

The JFK;5544863

[COLOR="Red"]Epic thread.[/COLOR]

Is it more epic than this one? :-

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]So I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow......
POSTED BY: The JFK 3 months, 4 weeks ago

And I can't decide on which style.

Anyone got any ideas?

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