Quiz for Kids

    I'm writing a quiz for a group of children aged 9 - 16.
    Going to have 6 categories:

    General Knowledge.

    I need 60 questions at least and i have about twenty.
    I'm really drawing a blank.

    Keeping in mind the age of the kids, I was hoping you could help me with some questions.

    Please post the question and maybe let others or myself try and answer them.

    Thanks in advance.



    Why don't you post the ones you have and then people might have a better idea what to ask?

    Name three landforms along the famous Purbeck Coastline...

    don't mind me - just i have A level exam this afternoon about Coasts so learning Dorset as a case study


    For sport an obvious one but what about, what team does David Beckham play for?

    Or try the Bitesize section of BBC, for some questions to use, particularly for Geog, History and Music…hy/

    you could hand out a sheet of guess the names of famous sports people ? Beckham, Owen, Lewis Hamilton etc? That could easily take ten questions??


    I think is a good site, I send lot's of bit's that I receive from them to my little cousin's in Somerset.

    you could try this site - can choose different difficulties...…tml

    my o/h does an end of year quiz for her band - she always throws in a questions like "whote wrote Beethoven's 5th Symphony?" or "who wrote Mozart's Clarinet Concerto?". Sometimes it takes a minute for them to twig the answer's in the question!
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