Found 24th Oct 2009
if you have 2 coins totalling 11p and one is not a 1p , what are the 2 coins ?????

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the other one is 1p and 10p..

10p + 1p

one is a 10p and the other is a 1p (its in the wording lol!)

1p and 10p

Original Poster

ha your good

5p and a tanner

Thanks RudiBryson for your quizzes

10p and 1p

the 10p isnt a 1p

Ok who knows this:

How far can a dog run into the woods?


Thanks RudiBryson for your quizzes

He should be thanking us for giving him all the answers!:thumbsup:


Ok who knows this:How far can a dog run into the woods?

Halfway. See q2.


Halfway. See q2.

Oh :oops: I didn't see Q1 :w00t:
I'm so dumb lol

lol my dad is still trying to figure this one out funny as *** x

copied of scrubs
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