Quiz question help please

    After seeing some of the quizzes on here i'm guessing there are a few quiz masters about.
    Can anyone pm me any quiz questions they may have for a school quiz that is in a couple of weeks. Need 10 rounds of about 10 questions and 2 round robin rounds of 40 - 50 questions.
    Questions can't be too difficult as eveining is for fun more than anything else.
    Looking for ideas to do a bit of a differnt round as well, previous ones have done guess which chocolate etc and given small samples in cups to teams.


    I am no good at this stuff, but thought that it might be useful if you gave an age range of the participants.

    Original Poster

    13 - 70's so very vast.


    13 - 70's so very vast.

    Ah OK - I thought you meant 'school quiz' as in for the kids

    I helped to organised a quiz a few years ago and don't overdo the amount of questions as it could be a long evening and if children are involved they will get bored.

    From what I remember we done 5 catagories of 10/15 questions sport, music, general knowledge, a picture quiz of various parts our home town, the pictures were cut out from the local paper and you had to name the place and where it was but you will need a scanner and printer for this. and one other catagorie like history or whatever.

    Just google 'quiz' and see what comes up as you may find ready made questions and answers you will also find answer sheets that you can download and print off and it looks very professional on the night, otherwise use trivial pursuit there is an adult and childrens version if you can get hold of them.

    Google 'Quiz Night' or 'Quiz Night Questions' that should help you.
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