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Found 16th May 2007
Just managed to re-install finally! Now how do I get the @ and " keys to swtich around! The " should be over the 2 but the @ is instead!? Must be a US thing :thumbsup:

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Ooooo I know this one!!!

Is it to do with your keyboard properties being set to US rather than UK?
I might be talking rubbish... just a sec :giggle:

He He well done juliet

Control panel and then keyboard. I think you can change it in there!


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Keyboard settings in control panel was the first place i looked but couldnt see any options to change the language

Hmmmm hang on I'll take a look.


I've got Vista. I think its the same in XP

Control panel and then regional and languag options
There should be a tab for keyboards and languages!

I'll get some coffee i think!

Forum I found

Press Windows Key + R, type intl.cpl, press OK.Go to the Languages tab, … Press Windows Key + R, type intl.cpl, press OK.Go to the Languages tab, and you gain access to the Keyboard layout & settings.You can Add / Remove whatever keyboard layout you wish. Hope this helps. :-)

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@"@""@@@"@"@"@@ woohoooo thanks guys

Giggity giggity goo!


Especially thanks to me for my AWESOME advice.... :giggle:

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Giggity giggity goo!

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