"Shady Pines" most notorious shabby pensioner just hit 3,000 posts !!!

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Found 29th Sep 2007
He's been here for bit, is lucky when he remembers whether he's had his tea & smells a little 'musty' but you've gotta congratulate a man who's been consistantly funny through at least 12 of his 3,000 posts!!!
Got tired of waiting to post this after one of your posts so you might as well have it now.... Well done Foxy!!?!

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Even Tiscali couldn't stand in your way!!! Well done Foxy!! Are you really 3000 years old - or have i misunderstood the thread??


Well done fox and to think I was once offended by you...
Now I know you just have no control...At all...for anything :lol:

Yes I am 3000 years old and super glue works on bits that drop off:thumbsup:

Funny? Where?

Congrats sweet lips x

I have guest's, I shall be back.


Well done Foxy. :thumbsup:

Remember it's time for your medication now. :-D


I have guest's, I shall be back.

Head lice ?


I have guest's, I shall be back.

I read that as gussets...:?

Thought i had just replied to this thread - :thinking:

Ah well done again Foxy :thumbsup:

Congrats on your 3k fox! :w00t: :thumbsup: :-D

Big congrats on your 3k foxy.


Well done that sly old fox.

Well done Fox. Congrats!

congrats and well done!!!..... drinks are on you then yeh?? :-D

p.s. for some reason you scare me :-(

[CENTER][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Sienna"]Congratulations on 3K[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Well done Foxy xxx

Congrats Fox

Congrats :thumbsup:
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