.r00 file type

    I'm trying to download stuff using GrabIt but when its done all i see is a file with a .r00 extension, how do i find the thing i have actually downloaded?


    Thats it, just open in winrar

    The latest version of grabit will repair and extract the files for you...

    otherwise, use quickpar (for repair) and winrar or on some occasions hjsplit (for extraction)

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    I used WinRAR and it gives me 3 errors when trying to extract

    I'm assuming there are some .PAR2 files (there usually is) so to repair the files..

    download and install quickpar (

    then open one of the par files with it and tick auto-repair, then try and extract again.

    If there are no PAR files, try having a look for them in the group which you downloaded your files from... If they are not available you could request them on the group.

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    The only file i see when extracted is 1 VLC Media file .avi

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    Wait, should there be about 40 files for 1 tv episode


    Wait, should there be about 40 files for 1 tv episode

    Sometimes uploaders will split the archive in to smaller separate chunks. Why do this? Well, let's say the original file is 100Mb. If your connection "goes wonky" for a few seconds whilst downloading then the resultant file is corrupt and you'd have to download all 100Mb again.

    With the split archives approach, let's say for example 100Mb split into 10Mb pieces, you would only have to download the corrupted piece(s). Thus saving time and bandwidth.

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    Ah right. where is the best place to find files?

    Right click it and click extract here

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    Thanks to everyone for your help
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