R1 DVD sellers that post fast and early.

    Does anyone know of an R1 DVD online store that either ships very fast (receive within 7 days) or ships earlier than the release date (some receive the DVD's weeks early).

    I'm after R1 copies of a few movies that get released early Dec to give as Xmas gifts but the site I used last year (DVDTitan) has been folded into an American store so can't be relied upon.

    Most of the big sites seem to either take ages to ship or cost to much for fast shipping.



    What about Play? they ship from Jersey just the same

    Axelmusic are usually great for me.

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    Play international can vary in speed and tend to only ship on the release date and not before. AxelMusic have been known to ship a little early but this seems to depend on the item and not be standard practice.

    They have this really annoying habit of releasing films in late december in America (23rd for House Bunny) but the DVD websites can get them weeks before and most won't ship till release date. So if I can't find a store able to ship really fast I need a site that ships earlier to give the package that extra time.

    AxelMusic is my fallback if no alternative is found as a recent DVD I ordered arrived within a four days but I know this delivery time will double or triple at xmas.
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