R4 advice? I'm lost!!

    Hi there
    I dont know if I have posted this in the right place - so apologies in advance!!
    My little 'en has a DS lite and I'm looking to buy one of those cards to download games (obviously to try before I buy!) I think they are R4 cards but I'm useless with technology!! I thought I'd start with dealextreme but they dont seem to do an english version anymore! Am I looking for the right thing - and do I buy just a card - is anything else needed? Thank you for your time guys xx


    I have a DSTT card and a 4Gb microSD card, and it works great.
    Dont buy the memory card from dealextreme though, most are fakes.

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    Thanks for that - so am i looking for a DSTT card rather than a R4 - or are they the same - sorry know not a lot about these things x

    They both do similar stuff, and there a few others. I bought the R4 last year for our two DS and have had no probs at all with them. If you type R4 or DSTT into the search you should get loads of threads you can spend time researching.

    try before you buy lol :whistling: how long do you try it for till your board with it? :w00t:

    DSTT seems to be the thing to go for these days.
    Nice and cheap, easy to use.


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    Try…c=8 they give reviews on most of these cards

    i got one for my mum from amazon ages ago,price will have come down now i should imagine

    This is the one you want as it supports micro SDHC which means you can get cards bigger than 2gb and the little card reader that comes with it is fantastic,
    and a nice 4gb card from here,
    If you have any trouble installing games give me a PM and i will help you out
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