R4 CARD

    does anyone know where i can buy a r4 card on its own?.


    The Reason You Cannot Buy R4 Now and Solution

    We are now decide to hold all R4 sales all together due to the all in a sudden supply shortage.

    This shortage came quite suddenly because we receives 1 to 2 shipments from the R4 team each week and it was only after 2 missed shipments that we were officially told it's in shortage (after inquiries).

    We have to hold from taking new orders so that existing orders can be fulfilled in the quickest manner. The R4 team is making steady supplies but the quantity still fluctuates, therefore we cannot give a definitive date as to shipment. If you need it by Christmas or not, if you may either choose to wait, or to request for a full refund by sending us an email at….vr . Please allow us 3 business days for the refund due to the large amount of requests for the cancellation.

    To track your current order status for R4, please go to…rs/ with your order number. (The order number which is started with letter "Q")


    Do you have any other reaccomendations as I am also looking for one as well.

    i can someone link me to where the orignal discussion was going on about the r4 cards ? i already got 2 from from dealextreme which work like a treat but i have a neighbour whos looking to buy 3 . the reason i want to look back to what had been said is because im sure someone said there was new cards about that holds more games
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