R4 Card for DS

    Please can someone shed some light on this for me I have went on to the official website and still none the wiser lol!!! If I buy one of these for my daughters ds does that mean she can download the games for free from the net and therefore there is no need to buy any more game cartridges - or have I totally missed the plot! Forgive me as I really do not know much about consoles etc.

    Thanks to the person that can solve this for me lol!



    no, you havent missed anything, that is exactly right ;-)

    You can't download the games for free- that's illegal- you're breaking copyright, check google- individuals have been fined tens of thousands for downloading illegal files in the past.
    I'm sure you can appreciate that nothing more can be said about this- check the rules- providing links or advice on the subject of copyright theft is not allowed on many message boards....

    For everything else in life, there's google.
    (looks up at sassie and tuts!)


    yes it illegal to download stuff just dont get caught

    You have to read between the lines on this subject...but what you said is right. PM me if you want to know where to get games. ; )

    Roms can be used with the R4 and so far the compatability list is @ 2147 working roms when i last checked at frozen-roms site. it is illegal to use tehm on the R4 but homebrew (freeware) software can also be used.

    type in ds rom news into google and click on the 1st site
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