R4 card for Ds

    im looking to get 2 one for me one for my daughter, where is the best place and how do i go about gettin the firmware to play nds files thanks!!!


    Hi, You don't need any firmware changes as the R4 card has flash built in. If you search for a TTDS for NDS card on the web/ebay then it should come with an adapter etc. They are about £30 for all 3 cards. The micro sandisk card fits into the adapter making it like a normal SD card. You then need to download the games from the net and plonk them on. The micro disk then fits into the TTDS card which is the sames size as anormal DS game. You can get about 30 to 40 games on it. You also need to download a menu system onto the micro card, if you search on the net for TTS menu for DS you'll find it no problem. The R4 card is a bit more expensive and most people are goig for the cheaper ones now and they are just as good.

    You would get one lot cheaper from DealExtreme…604 but you will be looking at about 2 weeks for delivery though. Doesn't look like they have the TTDS but they stock the N5, AK2 & iMedia will be approx £8-£16 then you need the memory card as well. Cannot comment on any of those makes as I have the R4 :thumbsup:

    You're actually better off with TTDS, since they take SDHC cards (i.e. > 2GB), whereas the R4 card maxxes out at 2GB.

    I bought both at the same time (about 2 months ago) and the R4 has broken, so I'd recommend the TTDS over the R4, but as ever, your mileage may vary.


    i own edge card its good.

    have spare 2gb micro sd card for sale tho
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