R4 Card Information Required

    I am going to attempt loading games on a R4 card or equivalent for my children for their DS Lites. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me exactly what I need to buy to be able to achieve this.

    Many thanks


    hi all u need is a r4 card an mirco sd card and then download ur games from mininove then just put them on the micro sd crd then put it in r4 and a way u go
    on mininova type in seach bar nds games

    not quite you need the correct firmware on the sd card, also have you got just a R4 card or is it the R4SDHC which takes micro SDHC cards, which also need a different firmware

    I have pmd you - with some info


    I have pmd you - with some info

    oh your naughty, lol


    oh your naughty, lol

    Absolutely terrible

    Original Poster

    Thank you for your help, really appreciated.

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