R4 DS Revolution R4DS MicroSD recommend me a sd card for it

    ive ordered the above from gameyeah and its winging its way to me, i think i need micro sd card, if this is the case whats the beast memory to use and whats the biggest capacity i can use?


    The compatibility of the R4DS is excellent with no slow down on most memory cards while playing, so just buy the cheapest you can find.
    As for capacity, a 2GB should be big enough for most people as will fit 50-ish games.

    I have just order 2 of these from deal extreme website, both with 2gb sd cards and they cost only 35 quid each. A great buy i think plus took only 6 days to get here.:thumbsup:

    The bigger the memory card the better!

    I've ordered a R4 too and was in the same situation. I searched a lot of DS sites and it seems that Kingston Micro SD cards are the quickest and best for the R4. You can get them at ] for £12.99. Use code TALK4FREE for free delivery and don't forget to go through Quidco for cashback. :thumbsup:

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    Ordered from above thanks alot! :thumbsup:
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