R4 Help on where to get one

    Can anyone give me advise one where to get an R4 for my daughters Nintendo ds. I dont want any of the other versions, I keep seeing threads about them and how hard they are to get hold of.
    If i look on amazon there seems to be plenty there but is there something i should know about them and why people dont say to get them from there??
    Also is there other things i need to buy to go with the r4 advertised there apart from a micro sd.



    try memorybits m3 reals are just as good

    Hardly anywhere sell the R4 card now. Something to do with the CMOS chips. There are a few places with like 1 or 2 in stock for like £50 but I wouldn't recomend paying that much, might aswell buy something else.

    Like the M3 Real mentioned above^ or an EZ card and you should be aiming the price at like £30.

    memorybits has the M3 DS Simply which uses exactly the same hardware and is almost the same.

    you can pay £37 from gadget asia with a 2gb memory card, mine arrived within the week
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