Any deals out there on UK stock of a R4DS or equivalent?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Google for the new N5 DS card
    Hope this helps

    review on N5 DS card by N. Aquino "bludwid"
    (Amazon site)

    As somebody who gets to sample these things on a regular basis, I received an N5 Revolution and below are my personal findings:

    - First of all, let's make one thing very, very clear. This is NOT an updated version of the R4 Revolution. It's a clone if anything. The manufacturers are pretty clever in making it sound like a version 5 or something, and even the website looks very similar. I've been assured by various forums and people in the know that they are not made by the same people. The box looks like a DSTT, and the firmware looks very similar to the R4 as well, but don't be fooled by sellers saying so.

    - The item itself looked ok, on the plus side. The packaging is a bit flimsy. Not sure if this is how it's really packaged but it's not very secure.

    - If there's anything that convinced me that it's not an updated R4, is that it inherited the biggest issue with the r4's anyway. No SDHC support. Basically, the newer Micro SD cards don't work on it. If it's an updated version, surely this would have been sorted out, right? And it also went back to the dodgy spring slot which the v1 R4 had.

    - Operation-wise, I have to admit it's the same as the R4. Works on all the games I've loaded up, no issues there.

    All in all, my problem here is that people know that there are issues with most of these cards anyway, just because of the fact that there are no quality control mechanisms during manufacture. I will, however, use my common sense on this one. the R4 is an establishment in DS emulation, and it still can't be perfect (probably never will as I don't see stock coming in), how can a clone fare any better?

    I'll give this one a low ranking just because it's using the R4's reputation to establish sales. It's got nothing new to offer. Stick to the old brands like CycloDS, M3Real, R4, DSTT if you can find them.

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    thanks guys..

    i've bought one from mobymobile (used them in the past) so lets see how it goes. If all else fails I'll use their money back policy to return it..

    i bought mine from gameska, its not a patch on the r4 or edge
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