R50 - R63 spotlight/downlights and energy saving bulbs. Need to change spotlights for cheaper running ones.

    Can anyone help me in finding the cheapest place to buy both the spotlight - downlights and energy saving bulbs please.

    We have had problems with our electric consumption, massive usage, and a chap came out and tested out meter and wiring and suggested we change a few things, first thing is energy saving bulbs. They are so pricey though for our spotlights. I have spotlights which use R63, R80 and GU10 bulbs. I thought about changing the spots for the ones with the cheapest bulbs. My wife would prefer to keep our spotlights as they are. I have found some energy saving bulbs but the GU10's are dear. If by changing them to R63/R50 and using energy saving bulbs save us a few quid then that's what we'll do.

    If anyone can help and suggest the cheapest place for both bulbs and spotlights, I'd rather replace the ones using GU10 bulbs.

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