Rabbit food: buy online or in store?

    I'm about to get a little rabbit and was wondering whether it's cheaper to order food and litter online or offline in the long run? Anyone with some experience?


    Probably cheaper online. We don't have rabbits but, we do have small pets and use Pet-Supermarket as it's free delivery over £10 (used to be free delivery regardless but, easy enough to spend £10 anyway - much better than other sites that have a £29 free delivery).

    We buy litter from them and rabbit food occasionally as it is cheaper. Delivery isn't as quick as some other online sites though so we do have to order a week in advance of needing it. If we're desperate then we'll buy something to keep us going locally.

    Depends how much you're happy to store. We buy our dogs food in bulk as it works out so much cheaper. Have ordered from zooplus and also monster pet supplies before, both very good companies so just shop around forthe best prices.

    If you have a local Market, generic pet food is generally cheaper here. Otherwise bulk-buy from online stores, wholesalers, supermarkets in that order of price.

    We used to buy Burgess Excel (pellets) and could usually find it on offer e.g. Pets at Home or online... and make sure your rabbit has regular access to hay. Do not use the rabbit muesli stuff.. too much crap in it. Anyways, after a long and happy life, our rabbit (Buns) recently died - he was 13 years old, part of the family.


    Honestly I thought this was a naughty thread!!
    I had a rabbit and I bought his food from a local town pet shop. £2 a bag mixed by them for 1.5kg think it was.
    Rabbit loved it but they are very fussy like mine didn't like those brown long things .
    I tried a bag from wilko he didn't like it and neither did I

    I order mine from pets at home when on an offer,we buy the burgess stuff.
    Was advised by vet when rehoming our bunnies not to feed the muesli stuff…tml

    We have always fed them the nuggets and they are great,plenty veg and hay too

    I buy our sawdust and most of the hay from home bargains. 49p for sawdust and 99p for hay,I buy the dandelion hay from pets at home which is more expensive but rabbits love it

    Used to get it from pets at home until I realised the cheaper prices elsewhere. I stock up once a month.

    If you join the pets at home club they will send you a 10% off voucher and occasionally £5 off,I use these for the big sacks of rabbit food and store it in a large plastic bin tub.

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    Thanks for all your answers! Will have a look around online, as there aren't many shops around where I live.

    I buy mine loose from the range (if you have one nearby), find it works out much cheaper than pre packed. Straw, hay and sawdust all reasonably price in there too.

    The local country stores are cheaper round here than online.

    We buy dog food, chicken food and rabbit food from the country stores (there 3 different independent ones within a couple of miles) - they supply farms etc. We buy the rabbit food in 20kg bags but it works out quite a bit cheaper than buying the small bags. We also get the wood shavings from there too. The compressed bails are the best value and last ages.

    We get cat food from Aldi though!
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