Rabbits hutch and rabbits collect only FREE!!!

Found 6th Aug 2009
I have 2 lovely rabbits and a double decker hutch that im giving away to a good home. Its cost me about £120 in the last 2 months with the hutch costing £95 on its own. I just dont have time to look after them as well as they deserve so if anyone wants to come and collect them they can do free of charge!
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Where are you (or can you post!)
Why don't you ring your local pets at home, they now do a adoption centre and will rehome yours if they have the room. You could either donate the hutch also, or sell it on ebay to gain some of your spends back. Give them a ring.
have pm'd you.
Collect from Where
Sorry, collection is from Warsop near Mansfield. Post code NG20.

Sorry, collection is from Warsop near Mansfield. Post code NG20.

Damn.... Too far to come for Rabbit Stew!

(Dont worry - I was only kidding!) :thumbsup:
LOL - Anyone really interested? If not il have to take them to my local pet shop
wish i could have them but i live in a flat at the mo
I'd have but too far,try putting them in ad trader,friday ad etc?
Do not give them to ]this person.
No worries people, keep the thread going though im sure someone will want the lovely little critters.
I am in leicestershire so not too far from you. will have a word with the other half and come back to you.
My 3 yr old Daughter has been plaquing me for bunny's for the last few months.:)
Let me know eve ^^
Come on folks anyone at all!
I am definately interested after Eve but I don't know how far Mansfield is from me and the Google maps is blocked on this pc :?

I will check later this evening
Let me know then ^^
are they friendly ?
Could be tempted, the woman that gave birth to my wife lives down that way. Missus is at work will see if she fancies a trip
They are friendly, they just need someone to spend more time with them!
i will take them if non of the other people above are able to, i live in langley mill so i could pick them up anytime over the weekend really. pm me when you know
Pm'd mate
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