Rabbits in Glasgow


    The girlfriend and I were wanting to get a pet rabbit. We are located in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

    We were looking at rabbits today down at Pets Store in the retail park, and we like the small rabbits you can get there..

    However, is there anywhere else around Hamilton, Motherwell, Airdrie area to get the small rabbits for keeping indoors?

    Thanks for taking time to read this.



    theres the other pets at home in coatbridge, im sure theres a pet shop in motherwell just up from wetherspoons as well. they had rabbits for re-homeing in the pets at home in coatbridge, so i think they where free

    There is someone on gumtree selling an indoor rabbit and hutch for £30, they are in Rutherglen if thats any use?

    You could take in a rescued rabbit,they have lots of different ones needing a good home

    here's a link to the sspca

    i have two house rabbits,make great pets.
    good luck:thumbsup:

    I'd speak to the SSPCA first. Then try local, small pet shops. Pets-at-home hand out duff advice.

    Original Poster

    Thanks inicholson!

    We'll maybe take a trip out tomorrow to try the local pet shops.

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    Bought our rabbit today from a nice woman in Glenrothes. We checked out some breeders and she had some ready. So, got ourself a mini-lop rabbit! Gorgeous wee thing!
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