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Found 15th May
I’ve been an RAC member for almost 20 years and was surprised to see my premium this year had jumped from 184.47 to 219.98 despite no call outs for years. This being cover for two adults at same address driving any car. Roadside, Recovery & At home. I remember calling last year and got the price put down a little to 184.47. “The best they could do” - apparently!
This year I checked the price on TopCashback first, before calling them and worked out that even if I added on Onward Travel the total premium would be still less at £179. £149 with Onward Travel. Also the TopCashBack payable would be £70 effectively making the policy £109 (including the added extra of Onward Travel. )
I assumed the cancellation centre would never be able to meet the price that I would get via TCB and requested they cancelled the policy when it ran out and I planned to take a new policy via TCB.
I phoned 03301590545 pressed option 1 then option 2 to cancel my policy, explained situation exactly as described and manager simply matched TCB price with cashback. Saving me the effort of buying same product via TCB.
Of course I call most companies when my contacts expire to see if they can give me a better price but I felt quite shocked at how much I saved with the RAC. The policy they were offering me including extra Onward travel was originally £249.98 from renewal letter. I paid £108.99
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Start Rescue - about £30 (and 15% TCB) for home start ,rescue and recovery . Had it 2 years now - but to be fair have never had to use it so can't vouch for how good they are .
RAC are ripping you off I've been with auto aid for years and had to call out plenty of times and their service is honestly no different to AA or RAC as i used both in the past.

The same level of cover you're getting Auto aid through groupon do for £35 i think or directly for £45ish.

Check out reviews on this site and on the net you'll find people constantly rate them and their service
RAC keep auto-reneweing every year and sneakily add on an admin fee. I fell prey two years in a row and have cancelled mine this year.
I found getting rac through my insurer much cheaper but only had some basic cover with home start, came in useful when the alternator packed up, I’d already diagnosed the fault waiting 15 mins for them to turn up. I gave them the keys they took it to the garage about 10 miles away allowing me to work from home instead and got the misses to pick me up at the end of the day and drop me off to collect the car. The garage they recommended were really good and didn’t charge much at all (was expecting it to be over the odds but it was a reasonable price).
I'll always get my breakdown cover through insurance - £20-£30 P/A (for my needs) which AA / RAC would happily charge me triple or more if I was to approach them as a new customer directly for the same cover.

My insurer uses RAC as their breakdown service anyway.
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