RAC Renewal

    Has anyone had a renewal from RAC lately?
    I've got Roadside & Recovery & At Home & Onward Personal Based.
    I've had it for 2 years now and the first year it was £103 the second year it was £106 with 10% no claims discount.
    My new renewal price started at £204 but with 20%/2 years discount it was £165.
    I still think this is alot seeing i have 2 years no claims.
    I phoned them and they said they have had 2 price rises this year.
    But double my original price is some price hike i think.
    Has anyone else been sent that price for that cover? I'd like to know



    Sounds like they are ripping their existing customers off, pretty much happens all the time.

    If you buy as a new customer every year via quidco you can get the same deal online for £134.63 - £40 cashback via quidco, so same cover for £94.63. £65 saving sounds good to me :-D

    Used to be with AA & RAC over the years, but pricing forced me away. I have been with Autonational for a few years now and their prices are no where near AA & RAC. They also do no claims and 15months for the price of 12. I`ve got 2 cars with them and for the top of the range total service I pay £99 for the two cars.
    Try here and have a look, see what you think?

    Original Poster

    Thanks GSX i'll have a look at autonational.
    I was just wondering if anyone else had £204 on there renewal, as i think there just taking the p***

    Nothing to stop you cancelling then joining again via there website

    Only have the standard Roadside but I swap between RAC and AA each year - just signed up to AA and cost £29.50 less £19.50 quidco.
    Girlfriends costs me £39.75 less £19.50 cos her car is too old and has to be a personal membership rather than the car
    Dont mind paying £30 to cover both cars
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