Rachel to win Big Brother 4/1 Betfair

Changed my mind. Back Rachel!!!!!

Been looking at all Polls on the internet and there are the majority of the UK population who have voted on who they want to win Big Bro this week have voted for Sara. On betfair you can still get odds of over 4/1 because Mikey is still short fav. I have not seen a poll yet that has Mikey in the top 2. Its going to be close between Rachel & Sara but the clever money right now is on Sara.

Get on early to avoid dissapointment - price has been slowly creeping down over the last 4 hours.

P.S - Don't bet if you can't afford it!


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And while you're their you may notice the market on the sex of the Winner - Even money that it'll be a female! Go quietly and make some money

On bet 365, Sara to be top woman is 5/4, plus female winner is 6/5.
Only just better, but every little helps.

i hope sara wins, shes the best of a bad bunch, i like rex he makes good tv but he doesnt need to win, the rest are too fame hungry esp the cookie monster drama queen, notice how she looks and even commented yesterday on how the cameras werent on her?!

if prices are going down, the smart person would bet on it and lay at a lower price, set a target price you want to lay at and stick to it and get out.
dont quite trust those online poll things, last year the twins had the majority of the polls in their favour but brian still picked them off to win.

kat nd mo are 1.33 to leave in the double eviction, mo is a deffo, and kat is just pure annoyance.


well that wasn't very clever money after all

anyone see the details of the odds on betfair

Total matched on this event: £7,106,893
Betting summary - Volume: £1,549,512
Last price matched: 1.26

Betting summary - Volume: £820,424
Last price matched: 5.10

5.1 is some odds for a two horse race, i am sure quite a lot of second fav betters (bettors? no idea) plunk on their cash say £10k each, and spend a few of thier potential profits (£41k) on the premium lines to get her to win. and that will work as it is a great payout at high odds enough to make plenty of phone calls.

it is not just this years BB but even last years, around 1.2 for the twins and 3.6 for brian before it was the final two left in, not just BB but also other reality shows i believe there is a huge influence by groups of people happy to go againt the flow and take second favourite, britains got talent, x factor, whenever the votes between the top two are close the second fav will win
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