Radiator not working??...

    We moved into a home about 3 months ago to find all radiators but one in the back bedroom worked .. I thought it prob just needed bled etc. Nope, & what makes it even stranger is the pipes below don't even bring in hot water to that radiator when the heating system is switched on??.. So I really am puzzled.. Anyone have any Idea?..


    Try turning the other radiators in the house off, see if it gets warm then.

    What valves does it have on the flow and return? Thermostatic, or standard isolation values? Are you sure they are open properly?

    Sounds like you need to get someone in, it could be a number of things, thermostat, valve, controller?

    Oh, and what happens when you try to bleed them, any pressure in the radiator at all?

    What pressure reading is on the boiler, usually around 1.5 bar. Make sure they are bled in sequence.

    How old are they, maybe they need a good flush but unfortunately there can be many reasons why they are not working.

    Do you have a thermostat valve on rad? They need to be left open all summer but very few folks do. The problem is they have done there job and shut rad off for months because the natural temperature has been above 20c. Now they are working and backed off the pin that operates valve is stuck in. Easy fix but you risk pulling the pin out which seems to happen to everyone I tell how to fix. I hold a book or something 3mm away from the end of pin to act as a stop as I pull pin to free up. Watch youtube for how to. Many new valves come off by hand turning reveling pin which you pull with pliers. Don't pull it completely out! If you do push back in quickly as water will come out.



    Air blockage
    Sludge Blockage
    Radiators not Balanced Properly
    Lack of Pressure
    Valves Switched Off
    Isolation Valves Turned On

    & a couple of others like dodgy plumbing intallation.

    I had this a while ago with one radiator in the house. My lovely plumber instead of just coming out talked me through the most common problem, which worked.
    Take the thermostat bit off (just unscrews) tap the screw bit underneath GENTLY with a small hammer and if it is just the screw that sometimes gets stuck (especially if not used for a while) then you should feel it get warm from there upwards in a matter of seconds. Costs nothing to try before you get someone out.
    Just read Wayners post above, it's the same thing but sometimes you don't even need to pull the pin out.
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    Had the same problem every winter at my old place , all rads bar one would work, so had to do what robj1 said in the first post, turn all the others off and turn the heating on , it would then work on the dodgy rad, then turn them all back on and was fine for a winter..

    A plumber showed me this the first year I was there , worked every time...

    Just turn the return valves down in the radiators proceeding the non working one in the circuit, until the non working one starts working. It's called balancing.

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    happened to us, was told to turn them all off and then slowly turn them all one by one. I assume you didnt test it when viewing?
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