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    Hi All,

    I'm looking at replacing a couple of radiators in my home. The house was built in early 1940's.

    My current radiator width is 960mm. Can you still purchase radiators of this size or will I need to purchase a 900mm and extend to the radiator?

    Thanks for your advice in advance!


    no you will have to purchase a 900mm radiator and then use extensions which can be bought from the same radiator shop or b and q. unless you have some give on your radiator pipes and they can be moved to fit.

    Try doing a search, whether the design/price is suitable I've no idea, but there are a few on Amazon of that width, although a bit pricey. Ebay throws up a few possibilities too. I used Bing, but if you use Google, you'll get a different selection of radiators, choose the shopping section to narrow the results to items you can buy.


    not a great idea to use extensions of that length ie 30 mm each end you would be better off fixing to one end and moving pipe at other ,if you are going with extensions remember there are two different types(tail and compresion) so get advice before buying them ,if you have the room fit a 1000mm rad and extend the pipework it will be much neater and less prone to damage
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