Radio 1's Big Weekend Tickets

    So did anyone get any??

    I wasn't lucky


    No they didn't want me either :-(

    oh i haven't checked x

    me neither

    Scott Mills was saying that your more likely to get hemorrhoids than a one big weekend ticket... and people were ringing saying that they had both lol

    none for me :-(

    No meeee!


    it too far for me plus did not enter so no for me lol

    yes i did - for sunday 11 th - a pair of tickets

    none for me. but i got some for last years


    yes i did - for sunday 11 th - a pair of tickets

    let me have them then, swap them for a half eaten bag of crisps and a mars bar?


    Nope, I wasn't lucky enough.

    my son has already 'told' me that they are now his - lol

    Nope! No joy hear! Doh!

    none for me either gutted
    if any kind person out there have some that they dont need i can utilise them.... just like the other thousands of people i guess

    on my email it says they are personal to me with my name & address with a barcode n them and that i have to take id with me too

    No tickets here either :-( & i live in kent!

    None for me, oh well it was worth a try

    Didn't win them also..but did see them on Ebay..guy had 12 of them for sale which he apparently had won, must have used all of his family's, mates etc address to get em...noticed he sold 2 tickets at £50 each then Ebay must have pulled the plug on his Auctions..serves the ****** right.

    None here,only 30 miles down the road too

    I've posted a similar thread. Me, myself and I didn't get any either. All from Maidstone and surrounding areas but there's plenty to be had for £400 on ebay. I've emailed them all saying I hope the profit they make will make them happy! Ha ha ha ........

    Lets all start a campaign and go on Ebay and report all the sellers lol
    im sure all of us could do a good job !!

    Everyone who replied received an email? I've heard nothing back yet...

    got six for Saturday
    I applied for every member of my family, even my 90 year old gran, the terms are one application per person, not per household, we've got ten of us living here, thats how i bagged six. The only problem is that my gran still wants to go with her boy-friend (92) from the old persons home and i deffo ain't taking them!! I will have to offer her some cash for the tickets i think, twenty quid should do it.
    Im not gonna sell em though, I may give/donate two away in exchange for a donation to charity.:roll:
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