Radio blamed as birthday is trashed

    A mother described her terror as hundreds of drunken gatecrashers swarmed into her daughter's 18th birthday party after the event was broadcast on Radio One.…tml


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    well radio should be paying for the damage to property, esp if the clip is there as proof. what numskull doesnt recognise the pranks, and check first. doesnt matter if it's live. and they shd be able to trace caller (esp if police get involved)

    Well ive just listened to the clip and although it says theres a party in Bovey (pause) Tracy. it doesnt give details of where exactly and says say hi to marilyn monroe on the door. (password I guess). I wouldnt have thought it was enough details to find the place - let alone sue them

    not to difficult to find out where they live, esp with "500 guests" mis-advertised on the radio. guests = invited. that's a bit irresponsible imho. it's time these pranksters know it's not something they can get away with. dont you think it's happened too often these days?

    They had employed 4 bouncers for the door, they obviously knew it was going to be a big type of party.

    Radio 1 used to be able to do so much more than they are now. Can't even run any phone in competitions anymore like the 7 song shuffle on Jo's show. Getting ridic!

    the girl also had posted it on social network sites, so she is more to blame, as she stated the address on these sites.
    in my eyes bbc are not to blame, the family are just ignorant and should punish their daughter if they want to shift the blame to others

    I don't think it is radios fault, they where obviously expecting trouble to have bouncers on the door!
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