Found 20th Mar
Anyone know were I can get the code for my car as I've lost the one I had

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EBay . Folks on there can generate the code for a few quid. There were some free programs ​on net that you enter radio id in and will tell you so look out for them. That's how I got mine for a ford. Also look on net as information for some manufacturers, as they will use the numbers from the cars chassis.Think mazda used to do that,

Oh. If you pull radio it maybe on there. Daft as that is some write it on the radio. Go figure

I unlocked a friends Ford recently from a free generator online.

Call the dealer with your vin. Some will give you some wont. Its usually also on a wee card in your service book. What car is it?

quickest and easiest way is eBay...usually a quid or so theres some numbers on the back of your radio next to barcode they will need normally once they send code usually a few mins put into radio and then put it into your phone as well to keep code safe for next time... oO

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Ty all for information got it from a ford dealer in the and was free as I know some do change
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