Radio Industry

    Any advice or help, looking to get into radio production, broadcast assistant.

    Been looking/appling for a long time now since leaving University. No such joy as yet. Volunteering but not been able to find paid work.

    Any advice or contacts I can get in touch with?



    You don't say what you did at uni

    I presume its media or something like that.

    If so, play that down and play up the actual experience you have in broadcasting. And keep volunteering. You must have a local radio station who will love your knowledge and time so do more of that.

    Apply for anything at all in radio/broadcasting and get yourself in, and then it will be easier.

    Good luck.

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    I got a BA(Hons) Digital Broadcast Media.

    I have been at Uni radio, community radio and am currently at hospital radio. Altogether with my degree, diploma, gnvq and the years put into radio so far, I have a bit on my CV.

    I have around 4 years actual radio experience working in the industry. Its getting that break, kind of hard right now.

    Hospital Radio maybe....its good experience :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Hospital Radio maybe....its good experience :thumbsup:

    It's rather good, plus the place im at recently got Myriad (industry software).


    It's rather good, plus the place im at recently got Myriad (industry … It's rather good, plus the place im at recently got Myriad (industry software).

    Theres nothing better than experience, everyone has to start somewhere and work their way up :thumbsup:

    Keep writing to local media stations, tell them what you've achived so far, experience etc.
    And if they don't reply, them write to them again and again...hopefully you'll get a break :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Hopefully, its been pretty quiet so far...

    Anyone with advice or actual contacts? Or do you know people who work in the industry...
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