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Found 3rd Nov 2017
Hello guys! Basically I’m seeing if you guys know of any music station that plays all sort of genres as everyone at work is complaining, some want capital some want heart some want absolute some want magic etc I’m just seeing is there some sort of website can mix all music in to one ? So everyone is happy listening to a mixture of music.

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magic fm
Don't forget your licence…sic
radio 1!!!!
although they do talk quite a lot on radio 1
artnada1 h, 46 m ago

Don't forget your …Don't forget your licence

It is in a office so hopefully We are okay
We change radio station every day or even half a day because to many people complain. Just want something where it will play every genres through out the day
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

As per Tommytse22 change it daily -
make a rota


get them to vote (democracy that'll be a laugh) - get a list of all the preferred stations then ask them to put them in their preferential listening order - if more than 5 (or 7 stations preferred depending on working week) then pick out the top 5 (or 7) stations per vote and put them on the rotation.

Otherwise get the boss to tell the staff this is what you will be listening to and if you don't like it there will be plenty others who will fill your position who will accept the policy.
Radio city 2 its a greatest hits station its only in the north west but it might be available on line or via an app for other regions, check out the recently played list Here, something for everyone unles your under 20.

Just checked its available on DAB and its got an app
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Tommytse222 h, 48 m ago

It is in a office so hopefully We are okay

No, actually you do need one.
Pandamansays18 m ago

No, actually you do need one.

Oh nooo
Absolute by far
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