Radio with an alarm to use with my Audio Amp.

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Found 27th Jul 2009
I am after a Tuner/ radio for my Amplifier, but it needs to have a built in wake up alarm, I can't find one anywhere.
Does anyone know of where abouts I could get one of these? Looked in Richer Sounds the other day & couldn't find any with an alarm.
I'd prefer DAB, but will settle for standard FM if it's cheap enough.

Find me a one and get some rep


Genus DU-1 DAB radio from eBay, if one pops up? I paid about £28 for mine, IIRC.

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Thanks, will keep an eye out for this dab radio.

Looks like they don't make it anymore, as it isn't sold by the big online electrical retailers.

I Will keep an eye out on ebay, Thanks for the suggestion.
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