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Posted 29th Sep
I am looking for businesses to donate some raffle prizes for our PTFA christmas fair. Our school is in desperate need of money (like most schools), not for fun items, but just to survive.
I know a lot of business' both small and large will donate items to raffles (we have a charity number).
Can anyone suggest a company that they know for sure will donate an item, big or small. I have 2 months to collect items.

Thank you!
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Why don't you start by seeing if there are any local shops or businesses in the area around the school that might like to contribute a prize?
Haircut_10029/09/2019 14:50

Why don't you start by seeing if there are any local shops or businesses …Why don't you start by seeing if there are any local shops or businesses in the area around the school that might like to contribute a prize?

That's a no-brainer.
Survival is on businesses minds also!

& the fair response I always used to ask was "how does this benefit our company" !? it's not just about goodwill, it costs to get head offices to write off stock (profit) etc, especially in times of competition with amazon! We used to be asked most weeks & had the worst of answers like we'll photocopy your logo & stick it on the prize for the "insert name of rich Cambridge college charging everyone in the city massive rents" & drone managers of big retail shops don't tend to have much sway these days, everyone is struggling, we'd be better off getting the TAX out of the dodgers (you asked them by the way)!?

If someone had asked me for a "donation" for the kid I already have at school specifically to save energy, (ashp & modern insulation) i'd be there! ..but this PTA stuff , generally from folk who ignore you when you are picking your kid up because you are the wrong crowd, sex, or you know will simply Pee the money away on crud & carry on struggling (but it made them feel "charidee good") ..then i'd say, have a donation of a hundred pounds each year (& spin it through the +25% govt allowance). & make progress with a long term plan that I can see that saves money year on year.

I like the "buy a brick" * have your name on it for posterity that colleges use, its a "nigh on" permanent anchor of "I was here" on college buildings, picket fences etc ..you have someone get good with a dremel ..great Alumni raisers & reminders that keep folk in the loop & a certain degree of pride afterwards. (a wider net to trawl).

Nor will I send my kid to school with a big but naff £3.00 bar of cadbury (tax avoider, job losses) for the "clever" PTA permission to come to school in mufti etc ..which then go's on a raffle table or 3 for the same old tired crud "fetes".

Fact is that there isn't much community these days, its all gobbled up by big companies that the public flock to, & anyone with a start up company hasn't really got much cash flow anyway.

Look on twitter for companies with really excellent customer service, they already have "write offs" marked into their operational practise, & logically show what you do.. drinking water, healthy eating, sports, (outdoors wear etc) just asking doesn't hook you kit, these days you need to make a case & enter into a relationship so it's easy next time round, ...presumably there are files of who gave what in previous years, names of contacts etc to utilise? (if not why not)?

Being written up in a pamphlet on the night as a donor tends not to cut it these days!

I can recommend setting a budget each year for HUKD bargains that you chase down if you think they can raise MORE money with, as that is how i've donated in the past for cub group raffles etc, (we used to spend a lot of time at our local auction house).
That is reliant on how long your tenure is within a charitable position though.

Best things I did though was actually do stuff like rod drains & fix taps. shampoo carpets, seal windows etc etc, whilst the members of the committee spaffed money up the wall on legacy projects like a "millenium garden" with fountains that didn't work (& still don't).

Look for local distribution logistics warehouses (IKEA, for instance) companies etc & find out what the often literal mileage that they will consider as local contributions" & put it on a USB stick for the next poor sucker to deal with in a better prepared manner!

Most places these days are charity tired & charity tied (Mac millan cancer cake mornings etc) but you never know!

It's no good asking local butchers for a decent joint if all everyone does is go to tesco's ..but that's what happens!
Google maps is also good for maps where businesses have placed themselves on as map markers, have you approached that angle yet? ..the quiet businesses just round the corner you never knew about, established specialist bakeries, toy manufacturers, all sorts from looking at a few directories & looking virtually at business parks you drive by..

Get your cold call voice practised, emails get blanked more than personal calls, & always ask, "is this a convenient time to call or are you driving"!? if calling a mobile, more personable humanity gets results, you have to have sales patter, recommend bullet points written down, & polite but cheeky I'm wondering if there's anything you can do for me or point me in the direction of someone who can assist as a benefactor for a hard pressed local school fundraiser, ...to the point!
Have pen & paper handy plus liquid, cold calling burns throats!
& budget for a nice thank you card popped by hand to the firm afterwards! ..really, again emails are quick & easy metaphysical compared to the "that was clearly appreciated" factor within the follow up when you have goods given to you or donations made.

PS separate thing entirely, I got a great donation from LEGO for my kids school & local cubs, not kits, but returned loose mixed sets, mini-figures & over runs which made for "lego clubs" in one hit! ..they have always been a very charitable entity & have a lego foundation for this sort of thing! ..my kids school was raising funds to buy lego (prior to that) ...raising money to me is also about saving money & setting better practise for those behind you...

Its surprising who will give you a business account in order to make money / save money ...wholesalers! but I did find there were also too many within PTA / fundraising etc who would only "TAKE" because "charidee" rather than work it & for it, so If I made a profit of £150 over a couple of weeks they'd see it as "spaffable" & I'd have a hard time begging for £20 of it to make more!
Just ask the parents to donate stuff! You'll get loads of cheap plonk and sweats/biscuits you can then make hampers out of.

Another option is instead of wasting time with a Christmas fair to raise money just ask the parents to donate money, seriously some schools ask for £40 a pupil! It shouldn't be happening in this country but it does, look it up.
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