Raffle.It Anyone used this site or any experiences ?

    Noticed this site from a link on

    As the title suggest, anyone have any experiences ?



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    clickable link:

    I was having a look, and it's quite a well made site. The only thing I had a problem with was:

    Unique or not unique?
    Everyone is a winner with!

    Is your ticket number unique or not unique? Either way your great reward voucher has now been sent to you by email. If your number is unique then you are in with a chance of winning the raffle. You will need to keep an eye on this raffle however as another player may select the same number as you meaning your ticket is no longer unique and as such never going to win. We will notify you by email if this happens. Now is the time to play another ticket!

    The raffle has finished
    Ladies & gentlemen we have a winner!

    Once all tickets have been sold the raffle closes and the winner is identified. The winner will be the person that bought the lowest, unique ticket number. You will be notified by email when the raffle has closed. If you are the winner then Congratulations!!! Provided we have your address details we will forward them on to the Raffler and they will send you the prize. Once closed the raffle page will display its stats so you can see what other numbers were played and how often. It makes for good reading and research.

    Ok, so you buy a ticket, then someone else buys the same one and you have to buy another, unique ticket???

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    Hey Bazz ! Good to see your name

    Yeah you've picked up on exactly my "worries". To me that's extremely confusing and potentially open to all sorts of abuse.
    If I was going to play this I wouldn't be buying a ticket until the last possible moment but the everyone would be trying to do that wouldn't they ? There again the raffle doesn't finish until all the tickets are sold.

    Really strange set up to me and I also wonder just how close this operation comes to being within the law.

    its like those things they have on radio were you guess the lowest unique bid
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