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Found 7th Mar 2011
Can anyone let me know where I can buy cheap rail tickets - travelling from Newcastle to London Kingscross
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try southern railway
crosscountry and national express
thanks will have a look:)
You would be best sticking to the east coast website as it is so easy to understand and they as the operator of that line list thousands of cheaper fares each week according to their advert.

Depending on the time your going it is worth checking whether splitting the tickets, same train, works out cheaper. So if any part of the journey is during a peak period look to split it to get off peak tickets for part of the journey rather than paying peak all the way through, Priciple stations on that line to try it at are York, Doncaster and Peterborough
would you not consider megabus dirt cheap
dates and times would be good!
Might be worth trying the old fashioned way and going in to the train station, I've been given cheaper tickets in the station than I've been quoted online several times, and I know my Dad does this all the time as he found it to be cheaper. No guarantee that this is better than online, but may be worth a try. Just go at a quiet time so you don't cause a queue and the seller has more time to find you the best deal.
agree with eastcoast.co.uk suiggestion
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