Rain rain rain oh so great

    Had a day out planned as have been busy last few days, also had washing out last night almost dry when I went to bed around midnight now soaked.

    Been raining for a few hours and to the point where id get soaked being out for a minute or two.

    Where else is it pouring today?


    Pouring in Bristol......sofa and dvd day for me :thinking:

    tis peeing down her in hampshire too


    Pouring in Lake District

    drizzling but nothing major. YET.

    sunny in suffolk :-D


    Pouring in South Wales :x

    bike ride out of the question for me:x here in Durham


    tis peeing down her in hampshire too

    yep always is though :roll:

    York is also very damp. Where abouts are you in the Lakes j_b? Just came back from Patterdale the other day, was really sunny for a change!

    Wet in Milton Keynes! :roll:

    been trying to go tennis the past few days and the only day it's fine i couldn't go. oh well

    yes raining in north yorks, but luckily staying in...which i actually dont know if its a good thing. but im ill so i dont want to add to it by getting yes i suppose its a good thing. :?


    yep always is though :roll:

    so true lol

    It has been raining since 7am and hasn't stoppped once here on the Lancs/North Yorks border

    It's very wet in Lichfield Staffs, mind you i guessed that would be the case as at 5.30 this morning the sunrise was very red. It's also my wifes Birthday and all that we had planed is now indoors Damm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x

    Raining in Leicestershire since about 9.30, just after the washing was hung out I had to get it in again, now it's hanging in the shed ( good job it's a big un ). Was gonna entertain mine and my sisters kids by putting up and testing out the tent we're going camping in next week to make sure its all there and no holes rips etc, will have to leave that to another day now 'cos of the weather. Gonna take em off to the cinema now to watch the new Mummy film :-D

    Happy Birthday mikebike's wifey!
    (a few birthdays this weekend it seems, wooohooo)

    SUNNY at 7am YaY now its precipitating

    Lincs: here there be raindrops oh! joy


    Happy Birthday mikebike's wifey!(a few birthdays this weekend it seems, … Happy Birthday mikebike's wifey!(a few birthdays this weekend it seems, wooohooo)

    Thanks for that! :thumbsup:

    I ADORE the rain - and it's chucking it down here in leeds right now

    rain cats and dogs in Basingstoke!
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