Rainbow 6 Vegas (360) Owners (re:Live)

    I've recently got in to this game online and yeah it is an excellent game, but I've come across a a couple of problems (was only going to moan bout one but hey ho).

    Firstly I have about 1-3 cannot read disc errors on this game (no other game is like this), comments from people off my friends list seem to indicate that this is a common problem.

    Secondly, whilst playing on xbox live and I invite a group of people in, on occassion they can enter a room I host, but majority of the time it will say failed to join game for the person joining. I know this isn't a hosting issue because it happens to alot of people, even when I try to get on friends games sometimes I can enter but only the host can hear us talk.

    the above isn't an ingame settings problem ie only speak when alive/dead... and the games are set as player games and not ranked.

    I'm on 8mb unlimited BB with orange, and usualy its fiine.

    two ppl off my friends list are with BT and they have problems joining.

    is it a bug in the game, does anyone else get this?

    P.S. games we play are terrorist hunt games


    Do you find it happens more in the evenings? If so i'd suggest it was a contention issue with your ISP. This would also explain why your friends on BT have issues too - Orange use BT's equipment (unless you're on Orange LLU, but i'm not sure if Orange have started any LLU??). Anyway, at a guess, if it happens moreso in the evenings than at any other time - i'd say it was definately an ISP based problem!

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    hmm maybe, unsure if it is or not due to the fact i haven't tested it with the same people throughout the day.

    cheers tho jayhab (& your scary face has red eyes now)

    quite often r6 vegas online freezes with me and have to restart.

    Have you had a look at your NAT settings if it is anything other than open then you tend to have connection problems. Go into the network settings thing and test the xbox live connection and it should tell you. You will need to get everyone else to do it as well to see where the problem lies.

    I had problems makng my NAT settings fully open. I had to setup portforwarding on my modem/router. If you need to do that I recommend this website…htm
    It may even have a setp-by-step guide for your router. Found the site an enormous help. Sod all on xbox live site....


    cheers tho jayhab (& your scary face has red eyes now)

    ...Now using scary avatar v2.0 with red-eyes upgrade !!!


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    ...Now using scary avatar v2.0 with red-eyes upgrade !!!:giggle:

    there are quite a few decent photo software tools available that can reduce red eye :thumbsup:

    Tested my connection yesterday, all was how it should be, I'm on a wired connection to my livebox router can't remember my login details though doh!

    don't think i changed the password or user name so if anyone can help on that too :giggle:, pah I hate been one of these n00b type people

    try admin and admin for the user and password.

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    tried them mate, no joy

    i found gears of war and saints row were the ones that froze or messed up more than any other games ( apart from tomb raider which has a bug in it 3/4 through the game where if you do a puzzle slightly wrong, you have to delete the whole game and start all over again!!!).

    i havent played rainbow 6 vegas online although several work mates tell me it is the mutts nuts and to join up in their missions. i have xbox live but have really only used it no more than 10 times and 1 of those were for updates. maybe because i got the 12 months very cheap i dont have the passion i would if it cost me £20 or £30?

    Is there a reset button on the back of the router?

    I only ask because, I did a 'full reset' on my netgear router the other day (pointy thing pushed into the little hole on back of router for 5-10 seconds) this did a full reset and although wiped all my own settings, it did reset the password etc to the factory default.

    Sorry, I have no experience of the Orange router, but if you know the default passwords and there's a reset hole/button, it might be worth a try?

    i'll ave to use up my last month free and play this game some more.. im not very good. mainly wait ages, run up to door and throw grenade just for it to bounce back and kill me first thing i do. ive heard people have that disc read prob also


    tried them mate, no joy

    Try :

    Username : Admin

    Password : Password

    Thats normally the default. :thumbsup:
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