Rainbow kids TV show many years ago.

Found 27th Apr 2008
Remember that kids TV show of the 70s / 80s?..you know the kids show with Bungo, George and Zippy..well came across this clip on youtube a while back so thought I would share it with ya.

Enjoy folks..just remember not to have your kids around when ya watch it lol


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Nick Jr turns to Nick Jr Classics at 8pm,Rainbow is on 1st.

Original Poster

lol well I hope they don't show that clip above

Ha ha ha , that is mint!
Just how many sexual innuendos can you get into an innocent kids programme!

Yeh we always joke about it that way too when it comes on.

Original Poster

I vaguely remember seeing that clip on Channel 4 many years ago..apparently the story goes that many of the production companies use to have competitions against each other too see who could come up with the best innuendo clips..but this clip seemed to have been leaked into the public domain..always laugh my face off every time I watch it

Remember watching The sooty show with my little bro years ago, Matthew was makin his way out of a room but the door wouldn't open, then the door knob fell off ... Matthew panicked and yelled 'my knob's fallen off', PMSL. Classic!
I'm sure they do it just to keep the adults amused as well :_)

I thought it was Bungle not Bungo?

Def Bungle.

Wow - I first saw that clip on VHS in the early nineties. A neighbour who worked for Thames TV had a copy but he was very careful never to lend it to any one.....

VERY old clip I have seen it loads of times, I first saw it 2 years ago when I was doing a youtube search on Rainbow, if I remember it was one of those things made for a Christmas party at ITV but it was leaked.
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