Rainy Days?

    Hey guys I remember a while ago getting a link to a site where you singed up a couple of people via email and then you had enough points to get a 10% off voucher for Zavvi and whoever...
    I got it in my head this was a rainy days thing but I think that's something else that has finished now. Has that site? Anyone know what I'm on about?


    It was through Some people may still have Rainy days points. 2 Rainy day points are equal to a 10% discount code

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    Thanks for the replies guys, it was the second one, also now closed unfortunately.
    If a kind person has a spare one for cloths at the hut pls let me know but not if they think they might use it cos the thing im thinking of buying is only £15. cheers

    I have a code - will PM you it in a sec.

    Code sent - check your inbox.

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    thanks a million kaks

    You're welcome!
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