Raising money for charity help....how long will it take? Anyone done this before?

Found 28th Nov 2008
I am wanting to raise money for charity to do with Cancer and the deal is if i get to £1k sponsership i will shave my hair off which is longer than my shoulders plus im female so will be a bald one for a while.

Im wondering if i could get it done before the end of the winter the £1k funds or would it be best to aim for next winter to get it done for? Winter i want then i can wear a beanie when i go out to hide my baldness lol

Anyone done anything like this before and did it take long to raise money?

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contact local paper / tv - to get coverage

contact a 'Name in hairdressing to see if they will do it - dont know the names - you now the ones who think they are celebs?

good luck

Well done you
Find a place that will have loads, 3-5 thousand, of people transiting through in a day, organize some publicity from the local paper, get loads of helpers, start at 10am ish, ask passers by for a £1 donation, shave hair at 4 ish and get pictures for paper.
I bet you will get more than £1k

will give u 5£ now
providing u show me a pic of that long hair :))))
just to get u started :)))

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Thanks for some great ideas.

People think im mad but to me, losing my hair for a good sum of money is nothing, i will lose my hair and that will grow back, a lot of people lose their lifes and they cant be replaced, the sooner a cure is found the better.

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will give u 5£ now providing u show me a pic of that long hair :))))just … will give u 5£ now providing u show me a pic of that long hair :))))just to get u started :)))

Is that towards the price of my hair being shaved off :giggle:


Is that towards the price of my hair being shaved off :giggle:


amcol - why dont you contact local childrens hospice and see what they actually need - that way you know all your efforts will go to something that you can see / visit etc

and again getting a lot more publicity which in turn creates more money

it is also making it more personal to you - as it will be a big step getting rid of your hair


Ive done lots of charity events... what i did was

Contact local papers
Send emails/letters to companies etc
I would personally hold the shaving in a local hall, pub etc.. and get local hairdresser to do it.
Invite press, local businesses etc
People can pay on the door to come and see this....
Then when they are there, sell them raffle tickets with prizes donated by the companys who made contact.

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Thanks for all the advice, ideally got to be next winter anyone as im doing wedding photos in feb and then in September so would be a nightmare to go bald lol......

Will start thinking of who i can write to company wise for donations for a raffle etc.....wouldnt mind getting £1k in sponserships then doing raffle etc on top as i think i would raise loads more that way.

who looks the coolest -


good luck hun x
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