RAM advice required

    Am a computer gimp, Could someone please help.

    Mum has an old PC that is slow but still reliable. It is an eMachines 370 1.80GHz Celeron with 256mb DDR ram. She only really uses it to surf the net. Was just considering getting some more ram to try and speed it up a bit.

    Is this worthwhile, What would you recommend, How much should I spend, Is it easy to fit?

    Many thanks, rep given for useful answers in really simple English!!


    Goto [url][/url] and use the memory selector tool.
    Should be ok for surfing and the extra ram will deffo help, get a gig in there at least :thumbsup:

    This the one?
    ]emachines 370 crucial


    it's supported up to 2 gig, so it's worth upgrading it, as it will be nice and smooth for everything then.

    2 sticks of pc3200 1gb will do the job nicely…tml

    for 30 quid your sorted

    it's easy to change, you ougt to wear an anti-static wrist strap really, but i just pop em in and out and there fine.

    If your mum only uses it to surf the net. Adding memory is the quickest and cheapest option. It is easy to install.
    If you go to the website whilst on your mum`s pc…Kuk

    and run the Crucial System Scanner Tool this will tell you how much memory your pc can take and more importantly what type it needs.

    i would defo go for more RAM, your processor should be fine for basic use and as said above at least a gig would help things run smoother, i think have got an offer that might be worth checking too but anywhere is fairly cheap.

    How to add ram.
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