RAM Compatability

    is this RAM:…tml

    Backwards compatible with all the other DDR RAM's as im not sure what mine is but assume its an early one like a PC3200 and wanted to check this will be backwards compatible to my motherboards max speed for ram?


    (also did think about getting the slower on but wanted to get this one so when i get a new pc i can just use the same ram)


    If you are currently using pc3200 ram I would doubt that this would be compatible.
    You need to find out what your current motherboard will take,suggest a google is in order to find out.

    DDR and DDR2 ram are different types.

    If you are going to upgrade the mobo,cpu etc it is probably best to hold off purchase until then.

    Yey for the system scanner I should be on bloody commission to them!

    Great RAM and 'normally' exceptionally fast delivery when Royal Mail are playing ball.


    Some board support ddr1 & ddr2, I'd hold fire on it until you have checked your mobo.
    what motherboard is it?
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